Compassion - Anger Management Class

Anger, compassion and forgiveness are studied in both biblical and clinical contexts.

In this 12-week class you will learn how to:

* Recognize and heal anger triggers
* Apply compassion
* Become happier and more lovable
* Develop self-control
* Learn coping skills
* Forgive             

This is a secular audio-tape lecture series, augmented by Bible study and homework.

The next session will begin on September 9 and will run through approximately November 25. 

Registration opens online on August 1.

Classes meet from 7 to 9pm, in Room 2400.

Cost is $50 per person, or $90 per couple if both sign up at the same time.

(If you miss a class there will be a way to make up the material. Please speak with the instructor directly.)

 Questions? Contact Lauren Brogdon at 703-770-8670 or