New Year's Aid 2014

Los Brujanes

Over the past six years Rock Students have raised over $400,000 to aid ultra poor communities from Uganda to the Philippines. This New Year’s Aid we will be partnering with Empowering Action and focusing on a rural community of 3,000 people located 45 minutes outside of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, called Los Brujanes. Most of the houses are constructed of wood and tin. The one and two room houses have dirt floors, while the fortunate ones have concrete. Electricity is available between rolling blackouts, but there is no indoor plumbing, and no water lines even running close to the town. Outhouses are a necessity. The nearest potable water source is miles away. Residents collect rain water or travel to the next town over to buy bottled water. Most families eat one consistent meal a day. Men and boys try to find work nearby in construction, agriculture or motorcycle taxi services. There is an elementary school nearby, however the nearest Junior High and High School are far away. This means most children in Los Brujanes only finish elementary school. Illiteracy is high in this community. With your help, we seek to raise $50,000 in net proceeds to impact this community. We hope to purchase a parcel of land to build a multi-purpose community center. This center will be a beacon of hope for this community offering:

  • Educational classes for children
  • Vocational training for men and women
  • Medical clinics to treat the sick
  • Biblical training
  • Church services on Sunday CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

It is also our hope to raise enough money to install a well in this community to provide water for these precious people.

NYA14 Los Brujones from The Rock Student Ministries on Vimeo.

NewYearsAID 2014 Promo from The Rock Student Ministries on Vimeo.